Rogue Habits began as a journey to reconnect with myself. I struggling trying to find a balance between happiness and success…until I began to craft again, to draw, to write - all the things I loved. Then, I started making jewelry. It began with a single pair of earrings that I traded for materials while living in Costa Rica. Through art and the fulfillment of being able to create something that made others feel…confident, beautiful, inspired, I was able to find myself again. From there I couldn’t stop.

I interviewed artists to share their stories and then started collaborating. Rogue Habits is about learning about the artist, their background and story, how items we love came to be, and the culture behind it. This goes beyond ethically sourced materials (which we do) or fair trade principles (which we also make sure to follow), to personal relationships. You’ll know each artist well, see the creation of each product, and be directly supporting the creative community.

I work in conjunction with artists to co-create small runs of products, designed specifically for Rogue Habits. Here, you can find artists that are completely obscure, or maybe even a trending creator, but get something from them that you cannot anywhere else. We take pride in creating very small, incredibly personal, signature lines.

As a lover of all things deviant and novel, and as an avid world traveler always looking towards the next adventure, I have collected an array of treasures from my life of wanderlust. Some from artisans in far away open air bazaars, others in tucked away street corners, and the rest in more local peculiar haunts.

- Jen Woo, Founder

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